How to use the OS Maps API

OS Maps API Overview

The OS Maps API is a really simple way to access detailed base mapping for your project for free! All you need is an Ordnance Survey Data Hub Account.

The OS Maps API allows you to integrate Ordnance Survey’s up-to-date, detailed maps in your apps (including GIS applications), enabling you and your customers to make location-based decisions without you having to managing complex datasets yourself.

You can choose the style that suits your needs best, whether you need the detail of OS MasterMap or our iconic Leisure maps. There are four styles available: Road, Outdoor, Light and Leisure. Each map style contains OS OpenData and Premium data layers.

If you simply want a basemap to overlay other data on top of, we’d recommend using the Light style.

The detail of OS MasterMap Topography Layer – available light, outdoor and road styles.

Getting started with the OS Maps API

Please see our tutorial on β€˜Downloading and using data from the OS Data Hub’ to see how to set up a free OS Data Hub Account.

Once you’ve set up your Data Hub account, you’re ready to get started! Detailed step-by-step guides for how to set up the OS Maps API in QGIS, ArcOnline, ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, Cadcorp SIS and MapInfo Pro can be found in the Getting Started Guide here: OS Maps API | Getting Started | Get a Maps API Key | OS Data Hub

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