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More than Maps

Welcome to the Ordnance Survey More than Maps self serve platform. This platform is a one-stop shop for all your technical geospatial support making a range of information and resources accessible and easy to use.

Geographic data visualisation

Geographic data visualisation is the design process of turning data concerned with physical, human, or location-based geography into a compelling story or argument; or at the very least a clear visual presentation of information. This section contains a wealth of information to help you with the creation and design of your map or data visualisation.

Data in action

This section contains examples of how Ordnance Survey (OS) products and services can and are being used for specific user cases across different sectors.


A place to find tutorials on a range of different subjects including how to get started with OS products and services and how to use OS data within a range of different software.

Deep dive

This section contains in-depth articles and discussions on common topics, providing narrative, code snippets, images and interactive examples. They are industry focused and aimed at a technical audience.


Product demonstrators introduce OS products and services showcasing what they are and what value they can add.


Interactive code examples which enable you to quickly get started with OS content and services. This section is primarily at developer and data science communities across the public sector and/or partner channel.


A handy place to find a collection of assets and resources that will aid and assist in your geospatial journey.