ArcGIS Pro

Accessing GeoPackage data via ArcGIS Pro


  • ArcGIS Pro (version 1.1 or later)

  • A GeoPackage dataset

Certain versions of ArcPro (for example, version 2.5) require GeoPackages to have a spatial index added before the data can be viewed on the map. This can be done in the Catalog by opening the Feature Class Properties window within the 'Indexes' page.


These instructions were created using ArcGIS Pro version 2.5, but versions from 1.1 onwards will support GeoPackage.

Start ArcGIS Pro, then open an existing project or create a new one. To create a new project, select Map from the Blank Templates section, then enter a Name and a Location for the project in the Create a New Project section. Click OK.

In the ribbon at the top of the project, select Map > Add Data.

A dialog box will appear. Navigate to the GeoPackage to be added into ArcGIS Pro. Select the GeoPackage and click Open. This will open the GeoPackage to reveal the individual layers.

The layers can be selected either individually or together. Once the relevant layers have been selected, click OK. The selected layers will then be added into ArcGIS Pro.

More than one layer can be selected at any time by holding down the Ctrl (control) key and clicking on multiple layers.

The layers added into ArcGIS Pro will appear in the contents pane on the left-hand side of the project.

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