This code list is used in association with the Road Classification attribute which is present within the Road, Road Link, and Street Feature Types. The code list describes the national classification of the road.



A Road

A major road intended to provide large-scale transport links within or between areas.

B Road

A road intended to connect different areas, and to feed traffic between A roads and smaller roads on the network.

Classified Unnumbered

Smaller roads intended to connect together unclassified roads with A and B roads, and often linking a housing estate or a village to the rest of the network. NOTE 1: these were β€˜minor roads’ in the Integrated Transport Network (ITN) product and were sometimes known unofficially as C roads. NOTE 2: A Street may be assigned a local classification number by the Local Highways Authority.


A multi-carriageway public road connecting important cities.

Not Classified

Roads that have not been assigned a road classification at national or local level by a designation authority.


Roads intended for local traffic. These may be designed Unofficial local road classifications. For example, D, E, F and G roads.


The classification of the road is unknown because the road is not a Motorway, A or B road and the road has not been matched to the National Street Gazetteer.

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