🆕Habitat mapping

Natural topographic area features are mapped to:

  • EUNIS habitat type hierarchical view (marine version 2022 & terrestrial version 2021) using Level 1 and Level 2 classification; and

  • UK BAP Broad Habitats classification 2008

A simple algorithm automatically maps the OS Land Cover Tier B attribute of natural topographic area features to EUNIS and UK BAP classification scheme values using a lookup table prior to product publication. These are output into the Habitat Coverage Reference table.

Mapping the OS land cover classification to EUNIS Level 1 is mandatory. For EUNIS Level 2 and UK BAP it is not always possible to achieve a direct mapping as habitat classifications can be species-based, making it difficult to derive from a land cover classification. In such instances, there will be no entry for these records in the Habitat Coverage Reference table.

Coastal features also receive a habitat mapping. Coastal features are defined as being within the intertidal zone +200 metre buffer above the Mean High Water (Springs) Line.

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