This code list is used in association with the Description attribute which is present within the Highway Dedication Feature Type. The code list describes the type of highway dedication that applies to this section of the street.



All Vehicles

Highway open for all vehicles


A highway with rights of passage for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders only.

Byway Open To All Traffic

A Byway with rights for all vehicles

Cycle Track Or Cycle Way

Cycle Track: A highway for cyclists and pedestrians which is maintainable at public expense. Cycle Way: Any Way designed for the use of cycles and from which other wheeled traffic is excluded.


The most common type of Special Road which is restricted to two classes of vehicles

No Dedication Or Dedication Unknown

A Highway Dedication type that is currently unknown and is still under investigation, or has been proven to have no public rights of access.

Pedestrian Way Or Footpath

A Way for pedestrians only. Also known as a Pedestrian Way or Walkway. Excludes Footway.

Restricted Byway

Highway with rights for pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists and horse-drawn vehicles, but not for mechanically propelled vehicles.

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