This code list is used in association with the Theme attribute which is present within multiple OS NGD feature types across various OS NGD themes. The code list describes the OS NGD theme to which a feature belongs.




Address data providing a complete and definitive view of UK addresses, including detailed information about every UK address and its lifecycle.

Administrative and Statistical Units

Boundaries and statistical data for Great Britain.


Buildings data providing the most current and comprehensive data captured by Ordnance Survey for Great Britain.

Geographical Names

Geographical names data providing the names of features and places of geographic significance across Great Britain (for example, towns, beaches, reservoirs).


Land data depicting land cover information for Great Britain; land features can be manmade (for example, residential gardens, tennis courts, construction sites) or natural land (for example, coniferous trees, cliffs, heath or rough grassland).

Land Use

Land use data providing geographical representations of areas identified as having a specific purpose (for example, schools, universities, caravan parks) and access information for these areas.


Structures data for Great Britain; structures are defined as features which are of manmade construction but are not buildings (for example, clock towers, bridges, arches, and bandstands).


Transport data (including roads, railway lines, tracks, and paths) providing a geographic representation of Great Britain's transport environment. Transport network data providing a topologically structured link and node representation of Great Britain's road, ferry, and path networks.


Water data providing a geographical representation of Great Britain's watercourses, lakes, drains, springs, and intertidal watercourses. Water network data providing a three-dimensional structured link and node network of watercourses for Great Britain.

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