This code list is used in association with the Landform attribute which is present within the Land Feature Type. The code list provides information about the nature of the land where it has been significantly altered by human activity and is still recognisable as such, for example, a pit or quarry, a slag heap, or a boulder.




A large conspicuous rock that is not attached to the land surface.


An artificial trench, originally constructed as a watercourse for inland navigation, which now may or may not contain water.


An area of coastal cliff.


An artificial (manmade) channel, originally constructed to convey water from one location to another, which now may or may not contain water.


An enclosure in a canal or river with gates at each end, allowing boats to move from or to a higher or lower section by raising or lowering the water level between the gates.


A deep, wide ditch surrounding a castle, fort, or town, typically, but not necessarily, filled with water and intended as a defence against attack.

Natural Chimney

A vertical or near-vertical fissure in a rock face.

Pit Or Quarry

A pit or excavation from which minerals are extracted, or were formerly extracted.

Slag Heap

A hill comprised of the waste by-product of an industrial activity.

Slag Or Spoil Heap

A surface where the waste products of industrial or mining processes have been deposited that is no longer in use but is still recognisable as such.

Spoil Heap

A hill comprised of the waste by-product of mining activity.

Waste Heap

A manmade hill of industrial or refuse waste.

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