Tram definition: A rail track dedicated to the movement of passenger tram rolling stock within big towns and cities.

Understanding where tram tracks are present on the road network can provide useful information for maintaining both road and tram assets, understanding risk for road users sharing the same space as trams, and supporting transport network management.

Within the OS NGD there are several feature types which will allow you to view and analyse tram track information, each with their own design and intended use cases.

These are all found within the OS NGD Transport Theme and are listed below:

  • Tram presence attribution provided on the Road Link feature type.

  • A dedicated Tram On Road feature type to help you understand the extent of tram track presence on the road network.

  • A Network representation in the Railway Link feature type.

The following sub-pages give more detailed information about the above three representations and how they can be used, to allow you to decide which best suits your use case.

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