This code list is used in association with the OS Land Cover Tier A attribute which is present within the Rail Feature Type. The code list gives a high-level description of the land cover for this specific topographic feature, where known.




A manmade surface that may be either sealed or unsealed.


Natural land cover that is mineral in nature, such as Rock, Boulders, Mud, Sand or Shingle.

Open Vegetation

An area of open vegetation, including Bare Earth Or Grass, Heath, Marsh, Peat, Rough Grassland, Saltmarsh, Scattered Coniferous Trees, Scattered Mixed Trees, Scattered Non-Coniferous Trees, Scrub, and Vineyard.


An area that includes cone-bearing trees (for example, yews, pines, firs, and larch) and / or trees that do not bear cones (for example, Ash, Aspen, Birch, Horse Chestnut, Maple, Oak, Poplar, and Sycamore), where the trees are generally spaced not more than 30m apart.

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