Pavement polygons


A Road Track or Path feature type is found within the OS NGD Transport Theme, under the Transport Features Collection.

This feature type provides a polygon representation for transport-related features, which includes pavements. To identify the features which represent pavements you can filter on the Description attribute for a value of Pavement. This will result in you obtaining a polygon representation of the pavements for your areas of interest.

Technical detail

Pavement polygons have been captured as part of Ordnance Survey’s topographic data capture and are ‘surveyed’ features. These features are not segmented per road/street but are contiguous until broken by a real-world feature such as a road.

These features (unlike those described in following sections) do not contain specific attribution on pavement width, total presence, or sides of specific roads and streets.

Examples of uses this data does support

  • An accurate depiction of the location and extent of pavements, primarily suited for visualisation use cases.

  • Allocation of pavement widths for entire pavement polygons (noting these polygons are not clipped to roads).

Examples of uses this data doesn't support

  • This polygon dataset has not been designed as and is not a routable network.

  • The pavements are not split into polygons only for roads they correspond to.

  • A linked dataset to the road link or pavement link data. There is no relationship between these polygons and the other two related feature types: Road Link and Pavement Link.

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