🆕Cross-reference table

The Habitat Coverage Reference table provides the new attribution for habitat mapping and percentage coverage by linking to the OSID. There is a 1-to-many relationship which should be considered when joining the cross-reference table to features in GIS software packages.

The naming of the Habitat Coverage Reference file depends on which topographic area feature it applies to i.e.:

  • OS NGD Land feature type = land_habcovref

  • OS NGD Rail feature type = rail_habcovref

  • OS NGD Road Track or Path feature type = roadtrackorpath_habcovref

  • OS NGD Structure feature type = structure_habcovref

  • OS NGD Water feature type = water_habcovref

The Habitat Coverage Reference table is included with the GeoPackage file and available separately if data is requested in CSV format.

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