This code list is used in association with the Description attribute which is present within the Railway Link Feature Type. The code list describes the nature of the railway the line is representing.




A railway track for the purposes of amusement, including miniature railway.


A rail track on a cliff or steep slope.

Main Line

A principal rail track between big towns and cities.

Rapid Transport System

A transport link using trains that run underground or above the streets in big towns, cities and airports.


A rail track dedicated to the movement of passenger tram rolling stock within big towns and cities.

Travelling Structure

A track to support a travelling crane or bridgelike frameworks e.g. port cranes or ship building gantries.


A railway line serving quarry rolling stock for the movement of mined minerals.


A railway line serving as a tourist attraction.

Static Museum

A railway line where artefacts of historical or other interest are preserved, studied, or displayed to the public.

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