This code list is used in association with the Capture Method attribute which is present within multiple OS NGD feature types across various OS NGD themes. The code list describes how an attribute was created, for example, via remote survey or via an automated process.



Automated Process

Data has been created using an automated process. This includes processes that involve vector and / or raster data.

Default Value

A default value was applied as a suitable value could not be determined through any other available method.


Non-geometry data has been captured manually.

Field Survey

Data has been captured using ground survey techniques.

Remote Sensing Survey

Data has been captured using photogrammetric techniques. Appropriate to the capture of geometry and attribution captured at the time of geometry update.

Sensor Measurement

Data sourced from sensor equipment in the field, for example, for road speed data.

Third Party Unknown

Data has come from a third party or multiple third parties and Ordnance Survey is not aware of the original capture methods that were used.

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