Transport Features

The OS National Geographic Database (NGD) Transport Features Collection provides the most detailed topographic data available of the physical transport environment of Great Britain. The collection is made up of individual real-world topographic transport features, including roads, railway lines, tracks, and paths. Each feature is uniquely referenced and has attributes that record the feature’s lifecycle.

Collection applications

The OS NGD Transport Features Collection allows you to:

  • Ensure your transport data is always up to date with up to daily updates.

  • Visualise the road, track and path network across Great Britain.

  • Filter data by using the β€˜Description’ attribute, for example, you can filter for pavements or central reservations.

  • Perform statistical analysis.

  • Visualise the rail network across Great Britain.

  • Interpret the land cover adjacent to transport features.

Key elements

  • Up to daily updates to data.

  • Plug and play – the data is simple and quick to implement as you don't need to pre-process it before you use it.

  • Rich attribution ensures the data is straightforward to navigate and query.

  • Simplified attribute naming helps make names easier to understand.

  • Persistent unique identifiers with lifecycle information.

  • New cross-references make it easy for you to link data in this collection with data from other OS NGD collections.

  • Linear geometry for the Road Line Feature Type and the Road Track or Path Line Feature Type.

  • Geometry available for every feature.


Great Britain.

Default coordinate reference system

British National Grid (EPSG: 27700).

Temporal filtering

The earliest date on which you can request a one-off snapshot of a date in the past for data in this collection is noted at the top of the individual feature type pages.

Supply formats

GeoPackage, CSV (comma-separated values), GeoJSON or vector tiles.

Supply mechanism

Accessed through the OSβ€―Data Hub via:

  • OS Select+Build

  • OS NGD API – Features

  • OS NGD API – Tiles

Using our data

  • Included in the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) – therefore, it's free at point of use for Public Sector organisations.

  • Available to OS Partners for commercial resell in your solutions.

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