Routing and Asset Management Information (RAMI)

The OS National Geographic Database (NGD) Routing and Asset Management Information (RAMI) Collection provides in-depth routing and asset management information for roads across Great Britain. The collection integrates information from Ordnance Survey's large-scale data with additional street data held within the National Street Gazetteer.

The routing information provides details about potential routing hazards (for example, dangerous bends and low bridges) and vehicle restrictions (for example, road widths within urban extents and one-way streets).

The asset management information details which authority is responsible for maintaining a street, how a street should be restored following works, and if there are any conditions that the local highway or roads authority have associated to a street.

Collection applications

The OS NGD RAMI Collection allows you to:

  • Ensure your routing and asset management information data is always up to date with monthly updates.

  • Create a fully routable network across Great Britain.

  • Identify the authority responsible for the naming, numbering and maintenance of a street.

  • Easily and quickly identify protected streets.

  • View routing restriction information, such as low bridges, turn restrictions, time restrictions, and height, weight and width restrictions.

  • Perform travel time analysis for different time periods of the day with average speed data, and conduct risk analysis with indicative speed limits data.

Key elements

  • Monthly updates to data.

  • Plug and play – the data is simple and quick to implement as you don't need to pre-process it before you use it.

  • Rich attribution ensures the data is straightforward to navigate and query.

  • Simplified attribute naming helps make names easier to understand.

  • Persistent unique identifiers with lifecycle information.

  • New cross-references make it easy for you to link data in this collection with data from other OS NGD collections.

  • Geometry available for every feature.

  • COU or Full Supply options available for speed data.

  • Eight daily time periods available for weekdays (Monday to Friday) and six daily time periods available for weekends (Saturday and Sunday) for average speed data.

  • Speed data is included in the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA), so it's free for PSGA Members.


Great Britain.

Default coordinate reference systems

British National Grid (EPSG: 27700) for all feature types in the collection, with the exception of the Average And Indicative Speed Feature Type which is British National Grid + ODN Height (EPSG: 7405).

Temporal filtering

The earliest date on which you can request a one-off snapshot of a date in the past for data in this collection is noted at the top of the individual feature type pages.

Supply formats

GeoPackage, CSV (comma-separated values) or GeoJSON.

Supply mechanism

Accessed through the OS Data Hub via:

  • OS Select+Build

  • OS NGD API – Features

It can't be accessed through OS NGD API – Tiles.

Using our data

  • Included in the PSGA – therefore, it's free at point of use for Public Sector organisations.

  • Available to OS Partners for commercial resell in your solutions.

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