Related Components

Related components can be joined to feature types using the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) as the foreign key. These related components provide supplementary information or context to UPRNs. For example, providing cross-reference relationships between addresses and features in other OS NGD collections, such as buildings, sites, roads and boundaries, or the Royal Mail PAF view of an address where matched to a Local Authority UPRN.

The related components do not contain geometry and therefore need to be joined to the relevant feature type table using the UPRN. When data is supplied, you will receive related component data split out by feature type. For example, customers taking Pre-Build and Built Address in GeoPackage format will receive:

  • Feature type: Pre-Build Address

  • Related component: Pre-Build Alternate Address

  • Related component: Pre-Build Postal Address

  • Related component: Pre-Build Related Entity

  • Related component: Pre-Build Other Classification

Please note that Related Components will always be provided if you have chosen to receive any of the OS NGD Address Theme data.

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