Accessing GeoPackage data via ArcMap


  • ArcMap (version 10.2.2 or later)

  • A GeoPackage dataset

Certain versions of ArcMap (for example, version 10.8.1) require GeoPackages to have a spatial index added before the data can be viewed on the map. This can be done in the Catalog by opening the Feature Class Properties window within the 'Indexes' page.


These instructions were created using ArcMap version 10.7, but versions from 10.2.2 onwards will also support GeoPackage features.

Open ArcMap.

Once ArcMap loads, select the Add Data button, which can be found in the ribbon at the top of the workspace.

Once you have connected to the appropriate folder, locate the GeoPackage to upload into ArcMap. The GeoPackage file will look similar to the one in the following screenshot:

Double-click on the GeoPackage file to reveal the layers within it. Select the layers you want to upload into ArcMap.

More than one layer can be selected at any time by holding down the Ctrl (control) key and clicking on multiple layers.

Add the relevant selected GeoPackage layers into the map by clicking the Add button.

The GeoPackage layers should now be viewable in the layers list in the Table Of Contents on the left-hand side of the workspace.

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