Reading GeoPackage data via FME

FME is a data integration platform which can read the GeoPackage format and be used to convert and transform the data into other formats or databases. The below example shows how to read a GeoPackage into an FME workbench.


  • FME Desktop

  • An FME license

  • A GeoPackage dataset


Start up FME. In the top ribbon, click the Add Reader button, which will look similar to the following image:

A dialog box will appear. Here, the format (OGC GeoPackage in this instance) can be specified using the drop-down list. Select the three dots button next to Dataset to specify which GeoPackage you want to read. The Coordinate System should also be set appropriately.

Click Parameters…

Another dialog box will appear. Here, specific layers within the GeoPackage can be selected, rather than importing the entire file. Additionally, the Search Envelope can be used to clip the GeoPackage to an extent.

Click the three dots button next to the Tables drop-down menu.

The next dialog box to appear allows for the selection of specific layers. Here, it is possible to select which themes / layers should be added into the workbench.

Click OK.

An orange reader will appear which will display the name of the GeoPackage table that has been β€˜read in’.

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