Accessing GeoPackage data via QGIS


  • QGIS (version 2.10.1 or later)

  • A GeoPackage dataset


These instructions were created using QGIS version 3.22. Other versions of QGIS can be used, from version 2.10.1 onwards.

Open a new or existing QGIS project.

On the top ribbon of the workspace, add a layer by selecting Layer > Add Layer > Add Vector Layer.

The Data Source Manager - Vector dialog box will appear. Here, it is possible to select the GeoPackage that will be loaded using the three dots button located next to the Vector Dataset(s) box. Click the three dots button.

Navigate to the GeoPackage. Double-click the file or select it, then click Add.

A separate dialog box will appear. Here, the layers of the GeoPackage can be selected and added to a map. It is possible to add selected layers, numerous layers or all layers.

Once the relevant layers have been selected, click OK.

The GeoPackage layers should now be viewable in the layers list on the left-hand side of the workspace.

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