OS NGD Key Benefits to Customers

The key benefits of the OS National Geographic Database (NGD) to customers are as follows:

  • Increased data update frequency: With the new OS NGD APIs and OS Select+Build you can access themes of data which are updated up to daily.

  • Choose exactly what data you take: For the first time, you can select and build your own data package/s rather than taking pre-selected OS products. For example, if you're only interested in buildings data, then you just select the OS NGD Buildings Theme. There's no need to take a larger product and spend time filtering out the buildings data from it. You can also select data from different OS NGD collections to build your own bespoke data package/s.

  • New, easier ways to access data: The download service of OS Select+Build lets you access only the data you need in the format you want. OS NGD API – Features and OS NGD API – Tiles give you online access to the OS NGD to help you quickly request data using the latest OGC API – Features and OGC API – Tiles standards, respectively.

  • Customer-friendly data formats: OS NGD data is available in four easy-to-use data formats: GeoPackage, CSV (comma-separated values), GeoJSON (via OS NGD API – Features only) and vector tiles (via OS NGD API – Tiles only).

  • More discoverable data: Improved data structures and metadata within the OS NGD, new and bespoke documentation within OS Select+Build, and a brand new online Documentation Platform mean you'll find the right data and support you need quicker than ever before.

  • Built with the future in mind: The OS NGD is much more flexible, allowing for changes to the data structure and enhancements to be made when needed to meet evolving customer needs.

  • Rich attribution: OS NGD data has been enriched with attribution to ensure that it's straightforward to navigate and query. Attribute names have also been simplified to make them easier to understand.

  • Included in the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA): Therefore, OS NGD data is free at point of use for Public Sector organisations. It's also available to OS Partners for commercial resell in your solutions.

The launch of the OS NGD does not instigate withdrawal of any of the existing OS Premium or OS OpenData Products, including APIs. These products will continue to be managed through their product lifecycle, including withdrawal, separately to the OS NGD. The OS NGD gives new and enhanced ways for customers to access the most trusted and up-to-date geographic information from OS.

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