OS NGD API - Tiles

What is OS NGD API – Tiles?

OS NGD API – Tiles offers you a vector tile service powered by the OS NGD. It provides a detailed and customisable basemap that's based on the latest OGC API – Tiles standard to help you create stunning and interactive web maps. It can be used with most web mapping libraries, including OpenLayers, MapLibre GL JS and Leaflet. The major benefit of vector tiles is that they are optimised for use across the internet and are therefore great for building interactive web maps that allow users to zoom, pan, rotate, tilt and more.

You have a choice between using Ordnance Survey styles or creating your own. You can customise the content and style to create a professional-looking map that perfectly meets your needs, matches your branding, and pleases your customers.

OS NGD API – Tiles is available in two projections: British National Grid for Great Britain (GB) data and Web Mercator, a global coordinate system.


Increased data update frequency

OS NGD API - Tiles is updated weekly ensuring you have access to the latest data as quickly as possible.

Beautifully styled basemap, ready to customise

Customise your maps to perfectly meet your needs. You have a choice between using Ordnance Survey styles or creating your own.

Interactive and flexible web maps

Control every aspect of your map with the flexibility to create dynamic interaction with the map and individual features.

Things to remember for OS NGD API – Tiles

You can:

  • Use it as a basemap in GIS, web or mobile applications.

  • View the whole of Great Britain in unrivalled detail.

  • Seamlessly pan, zoom, pitch and tilt the map.

  • Overlay your own data on the basemap to give geographic context to your data.

  • Trace over OS NGD (Premium Data) detailed geometries.

  • Customise the map style and content to create the map you need.

  • Access maps in different projections: British National Grid and Web Mercator.

You can't:

  • Retrieve all the detailed attribution from OS NGD data.

  • Access data from the:

    • OS NGD Address Theme,

    • Routing and Asset Management Information (RAMI) Collection (of the OS NGD Transport Theme).

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