This code list is used in association with the Bridge attribute which is present within the Transport Link Feature Type. The code list describes the nature of the bridge crossed by the Transport Link.




Indicates that there is a bridge.


A longer structure for carrying a canal or fresh water.


A plank walkway over wet or otherwise difficult terrain, usually low to the ground and supported by posts.


A bridge where a span is supported at one end only. Usually, the free ends of two spans are fastened to one another, giving a longer clear span between supports.


A covered bridge has a roof and fully or partly enclosed sides, usually to protect the bridge deck and members from deterioration.


Also known as an Irish bridge, this is a low bridge which is engineered to carry vehicles above water at low flow levels and survive submersion at high flow levels.


Movable bridges contain a span that can be moved up or to the side, often to provide greater clearance for traffic moving beneath the bridge.


A bridge composed of a series of short spans where each span is supported by a rigid frame, usually called a bent rather than a pier.


A bridge composed of a series of spans, often short relative to its overall length. The spans may be arches, girders supported by piers.

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