🆕OS Emergency Services Gazetteer

OS Emergency Services Gazetteer (OS ESG) is a single centralised source of critical information that allows first responders to precisely identify locations when the need is greatest.

OS ESG was developed in collaboration with invaluable feedback from the Emergency Services. It provides enhanced data, such as road and motorway junctions, that improves incident response, incident reporting and situational awareness.

OS ESG offers a national view for Great Britain (i.e. England, Wales and Scotland). It is published in the AddressBase Premium format and aligns fully with requirements provided through user engagement.


OS ESG does not provide data for Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey.

Data Source

The OS ESG is published in the AddressBase Premium format, aligning with requirements provided through user engagement. This is to ensure ease of use for the emergency services already consuming Address data in this format.


The OS ESG only includes the BasicLandPropertyUnit (BLPU), LandPropertyIdentifier (LPI) and Classification components, not the full AddressBase Premium model.

Datasets Available

The table below show the datasets available within the OS Emergency Services Gazetteer. This table is subject to change with future releases.

Dataset NameDataset Description

Name and Location of Road Junctions

Road Junction features will be provided for junctions where two or more named or numbered roads intersect. For junctions which have an official name or number, the official names will be provided where identified.

Geographical Names

A subset of Geographical Name features such as named water and named geographic features will be provided in OS ESG. Extensive features greater than 20km2 will not be provided.

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